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    Spanish 1 Remind invite

    Spanish 2 Remind invite

    Course Information


    School closure information:

    Learning Packets for the ten school days missed will be available in school on Thursday, March 19, and Friday, March 20, if needed.  The links to those packets can be found below (so that you will not have to pick them up in person). (See RED announcement)  You must be able to access them one way (IN PERSON), or the other (BY ACCESSING THEM HERE).

    • Spanish 1 students: You may continue to work on your Mexican State Projects
    • Spanish 2 students: Be sure to finish the Children's Storybook mini-project
    • Keep working on learning and using your current vocabulary list
    • There are lots of review links on this page- check them out

     Stay well!  Hope to see you soon!

    For all students who received notice that they are taking the National Spanish Examinations, we are hoping to reschedule for April.

    There are excellent review and practice exercises on the National Spanish Exam website.  Scroll down THIS PAGE for the links.  

    Note: The website for the National Spanish Exams is great for ALL students for review and to learn more vocabulary for their current level.


    ***To help you complete the learning packets: (but your notebook with the vocabulary lists and grammar notes is best)


    Word Reference Language Dictionary



    For each day, do the activities on the handouts themselves.  If you can not copy them, then please complete them on your own paper, and label each day with the title on the page.  For the first several days, answer questions about your own life using vocabulary and structures we have learned.  The last few days assignments contain a reading with activities that uses many of the words/structures you have learned. Don't stress, just do your best to think them through.  Until further notice, have work ready to be turned in on the day you return to class. 

    If you have questions, feel free to email me. 

    Spanish 1 Distance Learning Plan

    Spanish 1 Distance Learning Handouts


    Spanish 2 Distance Learning Plan

    Spanish 2 Distance Learning Handouts









     SPANISH 1 Review

    Practicing numbers:

    Numbers 11-20

    Numbers 10-100

    Telling time

    School subjects


    SPANISH 2 Review Links

    Comparing different types of lodging:


    Trip Advisor en español


    Practice for preterite -ar endings:

    Preterit -ar

    Sports vocabulary



    Weekly lesson plans are listed below.  They are guidelines that may be adjusted due to various circumstances throughout the week.

    *Second Quarter Extra Credit information:

    Spanish 2 Extra Credit

    Spanish 1 Extra Credit

    Miniproject Information for Spanish 2:

    Due Monday, January 13. (Also optional extra credit opportunity)

    Instructions for Mini-Project


    Here is the Midterm Exam Study List and Extra Credit information for both Spanish 1 and 2:

    Spanish 1 and 2 Midterm Exam Study Guide



    Here are some practice exercises to help you study online:

    Regular verb endings

    Stem changing verbs e-ie

    ser v estar

    tener expressions

    -ar endings preterite



    Subject Pronouns

    Weather expressions


    Use the following link to practice using direct object pronouns.  Complete the activity until you get a score of 14/14.  Then show me.  For additional practice, continue to the other direct object pronouns practice.  #2 Direct or indirect object pronouns?  Choose the correct pronoun.  It gives immediate feedback.

    Spanish 2:

    Direct Object Pronouns

    Direct or Indirect Object Pronouns?


    Practice Links for Spanish 2:

    Quizlet ¡Vamos de viaje!


    Practice Links Spanish 1:

    Quizlet for IOP with gustar



    Spanish 1 Review:

    For a review of using indirect object pronouns with gustar, use the following link:

    Sp 1 Review gustar



    SPANISH 2:

    Spanish 2 Week of Mar 8

    Spanish 2 Week of Mar 2

    Spanish 2 Week of Feb 24

    Spanish 2 Week of Feb 18

    Spanish 2 Week of Feb 10

    Spanish 2 Week of Feb 3

     Spanish 2 Week of Jan 21

    Spanish 2 Week of January 13

    Spanish 2 Week of January 6

    Spanish 2 Week of Dec 2

    Spanish 2 Week of Oct 28

    Spanish 2 Lesson Plans- Week of Oct 22

     Spanish 2 Lesson Plans - Week of Oct 14

    Spanish 2 Lesson Plans - Week of Oct 7

    Spanish 2 Lesson Plans - Week of Sept 30

    Spanish 2 Lesson Plans -Week of Sept 23


    SPANISH 1:

    Spanish 1 Week of Mar 9

    Spanish 1 Week of Feb 24

    Spanish 1 Week of Feb 18

    Spanish 1 Week of Feb 10

    Spanish 1 Week of Feb 3

    Spanish 1 Week of Jan 21

    Spanish 1 Week of Jan 13

    Spanish 1 Week of Jan 6

    Spanish 1 Week of Dec 2

    Spanish 1 Week of Oct 28

     Spanish 1 Lesson Plans Week of Oct 14

    Spanish 1 Lesson Plans - Week of Oct 7

    Spanish 1 Lesson Plans - Week of Sept 30










    SPANISH 2  

    Assignment for Thursday, April 25, 2019

    1. On-line listening activity:

    Go to the following link, and complete Activities 1 & 2. To ensure credit, be sure to show me the screen as you complete each activity. (Note - you will need headphones for this activity.)

    Actividades de verbos reflexivos

    2.  Notebook activity: Interpret the drawings.

    Go to the following link and scroll down until you see some drawings. Look at the drawings, read the short sentences that go with the drawing, and in your notebook, translate the 20 sentences. 

    La rutina Azul y Blanco

    3. If you have extra time, go to the following link for practice with the reflexive verbs.  You may choose any of the activities to complete.  *5 points extra credit for a bonus activity.

    Review activities


     Assignment for Thursday, March 21, 2019

    1.  Go to the following link, and fill out the billete (ticket) given to you by Sra. Malyszek

    2.  To do so, look at the infograph carefully, and search for cognates.  If you encounter many words you do not know, get a dictionary from the cabinet.

    3.  When you fill out the billete, you must write down evidence (words and phrases) that support each answer you check off.  Be sure to write the English of the word if it is new to you.

    La bicicleta









    1. Vocabulary exercises:

    Spanish 1 Vocabulary

    Spanish 2 Vocabulary

    2. Grammar exercises:

    Spanish 1 Grammar

    Spanish 2 Grammar

    3. Past Examinations for practice (these contain listening and reading exercises)  

    *Note:  These exams start with student information sections, you can just skip over them and start the practice test, you do NOT need to fill them out.

    Online Past Examinations




    SPANISH 1 Assignment for Thursday, March 21,2019

    Go to the following link to view different schedules for schools in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries.  Once there, complete the following assignment:

    1. Copy the chart on the board

    2. Scroll through all the school schedules, and choose 5 to look at closely.  At least 2 should be from Mexico, then choose 3 others. Write the school name and country in the column on the left (the name of the school can be found at the bottom of the schedule)

    3. Compare the schedule in the following ways:  a)look at Spanish, (it is the equivalent of English for you), do students have English every day? b) look at the times, how long are the classes? how does it compare to our schedule? c) look at days of the week, do students have the same classes every day?  d) look at all the classes/courses, are they the same, or are there differences? If there are differences, write them down

    4. Extracurricular: 

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and the last two schedules have extracurricular courses that are available.

    2. On the back of the sheet, repeat the columns, and compare the extracurricular activities/courses that are available from the two schedules available from Spain.

    Horarios de clases

    SPANISH 1 Assignment for Thursday, March 14, 2019

    Directions:  For each of the following 3 links, complete at least 2 of the 3 vocabulary activities, Matching, Concentration, or the Word Search.  You must show me and get the check list initialed for your grade.  To save some time, either review the flashcards, or click on "see list of terms" before you begin the activity.

    1. Complete vocabulary practice exercises, words to say how you feel (basic temporary states)

    Basic temporary states

    2. Complete vocabulary practice exercises, objects in the classroom

    Objects in the classroom

    3.  Complete vocabulary practice exercises, basic educational terms

    Basic Educational Words



  • Dear Students,

    There will be a link on my Classroom Information page for review assignments during this time.  There are also helpful links for practice and tutorials.

    Do as much as you can of the assignments, don't panic because the questions are all in Spanish.  Just take them one at a time, look at your old vocabulary lists (they are themed) and think them through.  Try to use mostly vocabulary you have already learned in your answers.  You may look up words that you haven't learned, but I don't expect long "Google Translated" answers.  I would rather see your true answers with some errors, than too much reliance on an online translation service. 

    There is an additional reading, followed by activities.  Take them step by step, and complete as much as you can. 

    Please turn in your work in person on the day we return to school.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me.  I will check my email frequently during normal school hours.  If you email me at night, I will check and respond the next day. 

    If you have not joined the class Remind, and can do so now, please join.  The information to join the class can be found at the top of the Classroom Information page. 

    Stay safe!


    Mrs. Malyszek


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