• Hey guys! Well, this has been an interesting week. I am still trying to read through the dozens of emails and instructions that I've received so that I can help you. (The information keeps changing.)

      The digital version of the packet can be found online.

      https://www.acpsd.net/Page/41748 is one option. You can also access the packet through Schoology. Use your student number as the login and MVHS2020 as the password.

      Schoology offers some real time feedback on some assignments. There are also some video there to help. If you have trouble logging on, email Mrs. Beym or Mrs. Beja.

      Use your notes, textbook, calculator, and any formula sheets you need while working. I will be available through Dojo or email each school day between 9 &11 and then again between 1 &3.

      We will do our best to get through this awkward time and pray that this passes quickly. I hope that you are enjoying some down time and staying well.

      You can download a graphing calculator app if you need one.  Visit Texas Instruments HERE.

      Probability & Statistics students need a graphing calculator in class EVERY DAY.   I recommend TI-84.

      Right now the plan for me is to pick up where we left of when we return to school. I will update you if that changes. That being said there was some homework that was due Friday 3/13. I have attached the worksheets needed below. Also, book problems were assigned (Ch. 15 p.337 #1-26). Also, there was a tree diagram worksheet that was due Monday 3/16 (also attached below...do not do #2). If you have not already turned these assignments in work on them when you can. 

    I will send a link for blank and completed notes by tomorrow afternoon. It does you no good to just print the completed notes. I suggest printing the blank versions, trying the problems, and use the completed versions as a guide.

     Email me if you have any questions!

     I hope to see you all soon!

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