• Art Syllabus:

    Week One:                   Rules and Procedures in the Art Room, Getting to Know Each Other Activities

    Week Two-Three:        Learning The Creative Process

                                              -Students will learn the steps of the creative process as they work from idea to final presentation

                                              -Each Student will learn the process of constructive criticism in their own work and the work of others

    Week Four-Nine:         The Elements and Principles of Art  

                                              -Students will learn and apply the Elements and Principles of Art in their own art making

                                              -Students will identify the Elements & Pinciples of Art in the work of known artists                                 

    Week Ten-Eighteen:    Developing Artistic Voice

                                              -Students will work through a series of projects using different techniques, tools and materials

                                              -Several "real world" assignments will feature working through design problems related to careers in art/design (i.e. advertising, photography, architecture) 


    Homework: In general, no homework will be assigned for this class

    Make-up work will be assigned on a case-by-base basis