Español AP

  • Course Objectives:

    The AP Spanish Language and Culture course provides students with opportunities to develop language proficiency across three modes of communication: Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational. Students learn about culture through the study of history, literature, art, music, and current events using authentic sources such as journals, news articles, podcasts, songs, and movies that are representative of the Spanish-speaking world.

    Conducted entirely in Spanish, the AP Spanish Language and Culture class is a language acquisition course designed to provide students with the necessary skills and intercultural understanding to enable them to communicate successfully in an environment where Spanish is spoken.

    In this course, students will gain confidence so that they will be successful not only on the AP exam but also in their continuing contact with Spanish speakers wherever they may encounter them.

    Course overview:

    The course is divided into thematic units that are further based on recommended contexts and guided by essential questions. Corresponding cultural elements are integrated into the study of the units, and activities are directed with those cultural connections in mind. Discussion of the topics completely in Spanish is a requirement for this course. It is assumed that students have previously been exposed to advanced language structures in the courses leading up to the AP Spanish Language and Culture course; however, review of the mechanics is done within the contextual framework of each unit as needed. 


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