Class Schedule
  • This year we will be using an app called "Class Dojo" as a method of tracking students' accomplishments throughout the year.  Additionally, this app creates an easy path of communication between parents and myself.  Our goal is for all parents and students to be connected through Class Dojo for the 2019-2020 school year.  This is a great and easy way for parents and students to stay up to date with upcoming events and classroom happenings.

Class Dojo


    Our class will be following the school-wide matrix for behavioral expectations this year.  Behavioral expecations for all students are listed below.

    Be on task and give your best effort.
    Be prepared.
    Keep your work area clean.
    Follow directions.
    Use active listening.
    Respect the Space and property of others.


    This year will be filled with great learning and growth.  Students will create personal goals for their academic growth, throughout the year.  Daily, students will participate in a variety of programs and activities to help them achieve their goals.  Some of these programs include Reading Counts, Freckle, Edmentum, and Reflex Learning, in addition to daily instruction.  Listed below is a consolidated list of some of the different topics students will learn this year.  


    In science, students will learn about:
    The Scientific Method

    In Math, students will learn about:
    Addition and Subtraction

    Some of the topics covered this year in Language Arts are:
    Fiction and Nonfiction genres of text
    Central Idea and Supporting Details
    Character Development
    Mood and Tone
    Point of View
    Text Structure
    Conventions of Grammar
    Independence while reading and writing

    In Social Studies, students will learn about:
    Native Americans
    European Settlement of North America
    The French and Indian War
    The Revolutionary War
    The United States Government
    Westward Expansion in America
    Antebellum America
    The Civil War



  • Students will learn to be leaders of themselves and others this year.  Students will learn and practice the 7 Habits of highly effective people this year.  Additionally, students will learn how to live out these habits in their everyday lives.

    7 habits