• Students will have homework Monday through Thursday of each week.  Students will complete a weekly spiral math review nightly as well as a spiral reading review.  Students will complete a math quiz every Friday that will be based off of that week's math spiral homework.  It is very important that students complete their homework nightly so that they are ready for the quiz on Friday.  Homework will be checked daily and will be taken up on Friday.

    Students should come to school with homework complete and ready to be checked.  We will go over the homework the following day so that students have an opportunity to correct their work.  Students should use their corrected homework as study material for the quiz on Friday.

    Students will keep their homework sheets in their homework folders throughout the week.  If a student should lose their homework sheet during the week, they will be expected to get a new copy of the homework from the classroom.

  • Students will be regulary assessed to monitor growth and learning progress.  Our testing and assessment schedule is as follows.  Tests may not be given in every subject, every week.

    assessment schedule