• Yearbook 2019 - 2020 

  •  ***Please keep watch for yearbook updates during this time. Shipping may be different depending on school closure/re-opening times***

    For parents not familiar with the yearbook system, RSME uses the website Treering.com to create and purchase yearbooks. Instead of the school buying a bulk amount at the beginning of the school year, individuals can purchase exactly what they want through the Treering website. All orders are made online through the website, not throught the school. Since the school is not purchasing the yearbooks, money that may have been wasted is now able to go into resources for the school; however, that means that there will be no extra books sold. You may purchase a yearbook after the school deadline (5/4/2020), but their will be an added shipping cost. There is also the added benefit of optional customizable pages. The yearbook comes with 2 free customizable pages which you can add your own photos and designs to, or decide to opt out and recieve the default pages. Yearbooks start at $22.00 dollars for a soft cover yearbook. The flyers below state $23.32, but the actual starting price of each book is $22.00

    If you are interested in purchasing a yearbook, please find the school's validation code on your child's school newsletter or see the flyers below. These come out every month, so keep a look out!  If you have any questions about the process, please e-mail me at aciravolo@acpsd.net, or call the school at 803 685 2000. I will be happy to help! 


  • Pre-Ordering Your Yearbook

    You can pre-order a yearbook by following the instructions below for both a mobile device and computer.

    1. Visit www.treering.com.

    2. Go to the top left hand side and click on "Buy Yearbook."

    3. Scroll through the state list to find SC.

    4. A new box will appear. In that box, type in the school's passcode found on the RSME newsletter.

    5. Click on "Ridge Spring Monetta Elementary, Ridge Spring SC" and hit "Continue."

    6. Select your role (Parent, Student, Teacher, Other), and type in your name and e-mail address into the corressponding boxes. Press "Continue." 

    7. Enter the number of yearbooks you would like to order next to "Quantity." If you would like a hardcover yearbook, it will cost $6.95 extra. Click on the box that says "Select" and click on yes if you want a hardcover yearbook. When finished, click continue. (If you pre-order before September 30th, Treering will give you a 15% discount).

    8. Put in your payment information (Credit Card or Debit) and click "Submit Payment."

    The yearbook will be delivered to the school if you pre-order it before the school's deadline. This is because the yearbooks are shipped all at once to the school. Once they have shipped, all other purchases are delivered to the address you provide at an extra cost. 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.