Welcome to the ACPSD Instructional Framework

  • The Aiken County Instructional Framework is a “shared and coherent belief system for promoting and sustaining a common language and set of inquiry practices/models for instruction that result in achievement for all students.”*
    *Source: Institute for Student Achievement, December 20, 2006

    A group of teachers, coaches, and administrators from Aiken County Public Schools created this framework for the following reasons:

    • To create a common language about what constitutes quality teaching and how it looks.
    • To provide guidance in designing and implementing quality instruction for each student (PK-12).
    • To have collaborative, meaningful, and reflective dialogue about our work using a common language.
    • To become self-reflective, self-analytical individuals seeking increased efficiencies to improve student achievement.
    • To ensure an alignment with professional development (school resources, priorities, and teacher supports).

    The framework support document provides the components and their definitions.  The model below is the graphical depiction of the framework. 
    Framework Logo


    Framework Support Document

    Classroom Observation Tool

    Teacher Self-Reflection Tool

    Protocol for Effective Lesson Planning

    Advancing the Core