• In the ESOL classroom, students focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing to gain language proficiency in English.  Based on the ACCESS test data, some ESOL students are pulled from their regular classrooms and brought to the ESOL room to work with me either one-on-one, or in a small group. All ESOL students are monitored for four years once they have met the criteria to exit the ESOL program.


    Classroom Expectations

    I am so blessed to work with 5K-5th grade ESOL students.  I pick students up from their classroom, and students know the following procedures and routines:

    1.  Walk quietly through the hall to the ESOL room.

    2.  Upon entering the room, students pull their folder or notebook from the storage area and sit at the work table ready to begin to THINK and LEARN.

    3.  We respect other students and their responses and provide encouragement and support to one another as we work towards language proficiency.

    4.  We work diligently to master skills.