South Carolina Alternative Certification Process To Earn SC Educator Certification

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    PACE is the SC Department of Education’s certification program that provides a route to become a certified educator by being accepted into the PACE program, employed by a SC public school district and successfully completing all PACE’s required steps to become a SC certified educator. The SC Dept. of Ed determines the PACE areas of certification.

    The SC Department of Education is the only agency that can determine a candidate’s eligibility and the PACE website is full of valuable and helpful information.

    To find out more information on the State's PACE program


    For specific information on applying to the PACE program


    For PACE FAQs –


    or contact

    Office of Educator Services
    Alternative Certification
    8301 Parklane Rd.
    Columbia, SC 29223
    803.896.0325 altcertification@ed.sc.gov

    Once you hold a PACE Letter of Eligibility, you earn the status to be reviewed and ‘Qualified’ as a teacher applicant in the area of your PACE certification. The applicant should upload the PACE Letter of Eligibility into their Applitrack application.

    **Please note that a PACE Evaluation letter does not qualify you as a teacher candidate. You must have a PACE Eligibility letter.***