• Music Classroom Expectations

    1. Enter quietly and sit in your assigend seat.

    2. Listen carefully.

    3. Follow directions.

    4. Raise your hand to speak.

    5. Be kind to others.

    6. Sit still and be careful when holding instruments.

    7. Use quiet voices, watch where you're going, keep your hands to yourself and no running when we're up and moving to the music.


  • Students may recieve the following grades for music:

    MS-Meeting the Standards-This grade means that the student has achieved mastery of each standard that has been taught during the nine weeks period.

    MPS-Making Progress towards the Standards-This grade means that the student is working towards mastery of the standards taught during the nine weeks period and is showing progress.

    NMP-Not Making Progress-This grade means that the student has not achieved mastery and is not showing any forward progress this nine weeks period.


    Music grades are determined by class participation and teacher observation.

  • Students enrolled in General Music will be working on the following music standards this year:

    Creating: I can use the elements of msuic to communicate new musical ideas and works.

       Anchor Standard 1: I can arrange and compose music.

       Anchor Standard 2: I can improvise music.


    Performing: I can perform a variety of music with fluency and expression.

       Anchor Standard 3: I can sing alone and with others.

       Anchor Standard 4: I can play instruments alone and with others.

       Anchor Standard 5: I can read and notate music.


    Responding: I can respond to musical ideas as a performer and listener.

       Anchor Standard 6: I can analyze music.

       Anchor Standard 7: I can evaluate music.


    Connecting: I can relate music ideas to personal meaning, other arts disciplines, and content areas.

       Anchor Standard 8: I can examine music from a variety of stylistic and historical periods and cultures.

       Anchor Standard 9: I can relate music to other arts disciplines, other subjects, and career paths.