• NEXT DUE DATE: December 19, 2019 -    Research Update/Progress Report Due!


    The Progress Report is a form which will include the question, hypothesis, variables identified (independent, dependent, controlled), operational definition (how the dependent variable will be measured), materials and procedures, and a brief summary of the status of the project.

    The Research Update should be a summary of the background research you’ve done for your topic, typed or written. It should be a minimum of 100 words; should reflect currently available and relevant information about the topic along with the sources. (This information is NOT about results of the experiment or project. It is only background information about the topic the student has chosen for his/her experiment and project). This research will help you write a hypothesis. (graded as classwork)

    These forms are already available to students through Outlook Online using your student email address. Paper forms can be picked up in class.

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