2019-20 Lexile EOY Proficiency Targets

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  •  The Lexile Framework® for Reading

    The Lexile Framework for Reading provides parents, students and teachers with a measure indicating where a student is on a developmental scale. This allows an educator to match a reader with a text well-aligned with the student's reading ability. Knowing a student's Lexile range it makes it easier to connect them with books targeted to their reading ability. Lexile measures also help to ensure your student is on a pathway to academic success. Lexile measures help teachers differentiate instruction and monitor growth in reading, placing students on the path to success in school, college and career.

    Each fall in Aiken County Public Schools, students in grades three through eight receive a Lexile range on the Individual Student Report (ISR) summarizing their results on the SC Ready English assessment. Additionally, students in grades two through nine take the Reading Inventory assessment each fall, winter and spring to monitor their growth in mathematics. The assessment generates a Lexile score. In Aiken County, we want each student and parent to know both their Lexile and Quantile (math) measure. We want our families and students to "Know It and Grow It" when speaking about Lexile and Quantile measures.

    To access reading lists that are aligned with your child's Lexile level, please visit: https://fab.lexile.com/

    Introduction to the Lexile Framework

    Lexile Framework for Reading Map

    Lexile Framework for Reading Map (Spanish)

    What does the Lexile measure mean?

    Lexile EOY Proficiency Targets for 2018-19