• Aiken Elementary has school wide behavior and school rules expectations.

    All grade levels, teachers, and students will be following these expectations.

    Details are in your child’s agendas.

    There are three rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible. Each rule has specific expectations for every area of our building. Here are a few examples:

    Be Safe:

    -Keep yourself and your materials in their assigned place.

    -Walk at all times.

    -Walk to and from the playground.

    Be Respectful:

    -Use kind words and actions.

    -Clean up after yourself.

    -Share equipment and materials.

    -Follow adult instructions.

    Be Responsible:

    -Take proper care of personal belongings.

    -Take care of school property.

    -Clean up after yourself in the cafeteria.

    -Do your best at all times.