• Welcome to Beginning Guitar at South Aiken High School

    Instructor: Neil Nelson
    Room: 509 (Band Room)
    Email: nnelson@acpsd.net
    Phone: 803-641-2600
    Office Hours: 9:11-10:05

    About the Course:
    This is an elective course for beginning guitarists with little or no experience on the instrument. Students will learn open chords, power chords, moveable chords, single note (melody) playing, accompaniment techniques, and a variety of playing techniques and styles, including both pick style and fingerstyle approaches to the guitar. The course also includes music fundamentals, theory, songs, performances, listening, improvising, and learning to read standard music notation as well as tablature.  Students must provide their own acoustic guitar. Electric guitars are not permitted. The last date to have a guitar in class is Friday, August 30 -- or you will be dropped from the class.

    Use the links to the left to explore information related to this course. Please contact me at any time if I can help you or your child. I look forward to working with you this year!