Español 3

  • Spanish III is an honors course taught entirely in Spanish. Students must communicate and interact in Spanish at all times. All areas of communication are emphasized: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Based on their language acquisition in levels 1 and 2, at level 3, students should progress from the novice-high level to the intermediate-low level according to SC standards. Students should be able to write and discuss events in various time frames: present, past, and future. Students will identify common cultural patterns, compare cultural beliefs, engage in cultural practices, and interact in familiar and unfamiliar cultural contexts. At the end of the course, learners will be able to present, summarize, and compare information they have read or heard. Additionally, students will be able to debate, persuade, and convince using the target language.


    Mira este video donde Jordan explica el acronimo WEIRDO para expresar ideas en subjuctive as well as indicative. Escribe informacion importante y mira los ejemplos para entender mejor. Haz click en el enlace:

    WEIRDO video





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