Weekly Class Schedule

  • PE Days

    1st McCurry    Mondays

    1st McCain      Tuesdays

    1st Howard      Wed/Fri

    1st Lowman     Thursdays

    1st Goetsch      Split 

    2nd Yon             Mondays

    2nd Cockrell     Wed/Fri

    2nd Bouknight Thursdays



    * Please remember to wear sneakers and appropriate clothes for physical activity.

Primary Files

Class Announcements

  • Trojan Gym Rules

    A Trojan is


    *Students listen to the teacher

    *Students follow instructions

    *Students use the equipment properly

    *Students follow classroom procedures


    *Prepared.... Students show up to class dressed for PE  

    *Brave...Students will accept every challenge they face and will stand up for what is right, even when unpopular with peers.


    *Trustworthy....Students show honesty by not lying, keeping promises

    *Kind.....Students will refrain from teasing/bullying and support one another.

    *Courteous....Students respect the rights of others and demonstrate good manners

    *Obedient...Students will respect school staff and each other.



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