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  • Rules and Expectatations

    In the art room, there is a lot to do in a short amount of time. To ensure each student is safe, has enough time to create, and help support their classroom community, I have three rules for students to follow. I go over these rules with the students at the beginning of the year so they know what I expect when they come to art. I will teach each procedure every time a new project and/or material is introduced.


    1. Respect each other, all art materials, and the art room.

    2. Follow instructions

    3. Do your best.

    I have posted in the art room the consequense of not following the rules. Often I will speak to the individual or group of students once or twice or pull them over for a conference. If the issue pursuits, I will ask students to work in the cool down zone to get them away from distractions so they can focus on their work. The next step is parental contact, so parents are aware of any extreme behaviors in the art room. 

    I communicate with parents by phone, e-mail, and notes sent home. I usually try e-mails and notes first as I know many parents can't talk to the school during work hours. If you have any concerns about your student in the art classroom, please e-mail me at aciravolo@acpsd.net or call the school at 806-685-2000 and ask for the art teacher after 12:15.