• Classroom Rules:

    T- Take care of school property as well as your and others' belongings.

    E- Everyone do your BEST!!

    A- Always be respectful to adults, friends, and yourself.

    M- Make sure to listen and follow directions.


    • Homework Folders

    Your child's homework will consist of the following daily, except on Fridays.

    1. A worksheet that will contain Language Arts and Math.

    2. Practice sight words for 5 to 10 minutes daily.

    3. Reading for 5 to 10 minutes daily.

    All homework is placed in the bluehomework folder (provided by the school). Please check your child's folder daily and make sure that they complete the assigned work and place it back into the blue folder to return to school the next day. Also, please check your child's folder "Keep at Home" side of the folder and clean out the folder daily.

    Your blue homework folder will also include the monthly behavior calendar. Please initial daily the behavior calendar. It is an extremely important part of parent-teacher communication.

    • Books in a Bag

    Students will eventually be bringing home a bag with "just right" books with a reading log as the school year progresses. These books are "just right" books that your child should be able to read with little to no help. The books are to be  read daily by your child and it is their responsibility to bring back their book-in-a-bag as well as take care of the books. If your child should forget their bag or books, no "new" books will be sent home untill the "old" books are returned. Please make sure that books are handled with care and that they are not written on, colored on, ripped or torn. Thank you for your help with this matter.

    • Transportation Changes

    If there are any changes in the way that your child normally gets home, your child must have a written notice. We cannot change any form of transportation without a written notice from the parent or guardian. You may send a written message in the daily folder or on Class Dojo, but it must be sent by 12:00 that day. You must also receive a message back from me stating that I received the transportation change by 1:00, if you have not received a message from me please call the office. If your student is a car rider, you must have a car tag visible with your student's name on it. If you do not have a car tag, you must go to the front office to get one. No student will be placed in a car without a car tag. 

    • Positive Behavior

    I run my classroom with a PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) plan. This means that we will develop positive, predictable, and safe environments that promote strong interpersonal relationships with students through teaching, modeling, and encouragement. Our students develop and learn social, emotional, and behavioral competence, supporting their academic engagement. One of the ways PBIS is used in our classroom is through earning Train Tickets. Students will have the opportunity to earn Train Tickets  throughout the day in various ways. They will have the chance to spend their Train Tickets at our classroom "Train Station Store."  



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