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  • Cultural Literacy

    Posted by Arthur Lader on 1/10/2017

    cultural literacy

    Cultural literacy is a term coined by E. D. Hirsch , referring to the ability to understand and participate fluently in a given culture. Cultural literacy is an analogy to literacy proper (the ability to read and write letters). A literate reader knows the object-language's alphabet, grammar, and a sufficient set of vocabulary; a culturally literate person knows a given culture's signs and symbols, including its language, particular dialectic, stories,[1] entertainment, idioms, idiosyncrasies, and so on. The culturally literate person is able to talk to and understand others of that culture with fluency, while the culturally illiterate person fails to understand culturally-conditioned allusions, references to past events, idiomatic expressions, jokes, names, places, etc. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_literacy



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  • Hello, World!

    Posted by Arthur Lader on 1/10/2017

    This is the online home of the World Language Teachers of the Aiken County Pubic School District.

    Watch this space for interesting, useful content.

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