Exploratory Team Overview


    The A.L. Corbett Exploratory Team consists of:

                                        ART – Marcia Lee Blizzard

                                        Band – Seth Forston

                                        Business Education – Dr. Tara Sanders 

                                        Career Specialist – Leslie Fielder

                                        Library [Media Center] – Michelle Fale-Lampkin

                                        Library [Media Center] Assistant - Stephanie Neeley

                                        Music – Ann Redd

                                        PE [Physical Education] – Parrish Deans

                                        School Counselor – Gloria James

                                        School Counselor Assistant/Parent Liaison - Margaret Woods

                                        Synergy/South Carolina Virtual Academy – Ginger Chandler


    Middle School Students receive grades in ART, Band, Music, Computer Applications, Keyboarding, Multi Media, PE and the SC Virtual Academy; however, grades are not given for Counseling, Library, or the Synergy Lab. For Middle School students, Numerical Grades are entered in to PowerSchool.


    Numerical Grade     Letter Grade

    90-100                   A

    80-89                     B

    70-79                     C

    60-79                     D

    Below 60                 F


    Parents, if you personally visit our Middle School Counselor, Ms. James, she will give you an access code that will allow you to create a "username" and "password",  which will access your child’s grades in PowerSchool. [Please bring your driver’s license or some type of identification which includes your photo.] With this information, you will be able to monitor your child’s progress throughout the year.


    *Please note – ART, Band, Music, and PE are classes in which daily participation is mandatory to complete projects, assignments, tasks; to prepare for exhibits, concerts, performances; and to improve skills, techniques, and ability. Students must be present and actively participate in class to benefit from the information taught and to excel in the course.