• ADHD Specialists/Pediatricians 

    Rural Health Services, Inc. 
    4645 Augusta Road 
    Clearwater, SC 29822 
    Contact: 803‐593‐9283 or Rural Health Services  

    Lighthouse Care Center of Augusta (outpatient service) 
    For child/adolescent mental health 
    3100 Perimeter Parkway, Augusta, GA 30909 
    Contact: 706‐396‐2901 Lighthouse Care Center

    Behavioral Health & Counseling Services Assistance 

    American Work, Inc. 
    1727 Wrightsboro Rd., Suite B., Augusta, GA 30904 
    Contact: 706‐736‐8170 or American Work 

    Lighthouse Care Center of Augusta (outpatient service) 
    For child/adolescent mental health 
    3100 Perimeter Parkway, Augusta, GA 30909 
    Contact: 706‐396‐2901 or Lighthouse Care Center

    Cancer Support 

    CANCERcare for Kids (Spanish and English) 
    Helpful info for families coping with a cancer diagnosis 
    Contact: 212‐712‐8327 or 1‐800‐813‐HOPE (4673) or CANCERcare for Kids 

    Clothing Assistance 

    Broad Street Ministries      

    Food pantry, some clothing, women’s Bible study program and adult literacy classes. Dental Clinic every Friday by appointment only, cost on a sliding scale based on patients income. 

    Contact (706)722‐5999 Broad Street Ministries

    Divorce and Domestic Abuse 

    Divorce Care 

    An open support group for individuals who have been through a divorce. Combinations of video and group discussion while members will be able to examine what happened, how it affects them, and how they can prevent repeating the past. 

    *$15 (workbook included) 

    Meets every Monday from 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM, WarrenBaptistChurch

    Contact: 706-922-7041 Leaders: Terry & Marynell Parker  Divorce Care 

    Safe Homes of Augusta 

    Battered women’s shelter and other services 

    Augusta, GA 30914 

    Contact: 706‐736‐2499 Safe Homes

    Food Assistance 

    GAP (Give, Act, Pray) 

    Provides medication & healthcare assistance, photo identification & birth certificates, transitional housing, food pantry, soup kitchen, and church summer camp. Contact (706)722‐4408 GAP

    Golden Harvest Food Bank (*see Master’s Table & Food Pantry) 3310 Commerce Dr., Augusta, GA (no food; call for referral) OR 

    702 Fenwick St., Augusta, GA (Soup Kitchen, 111:00 pm hot meal every daysee below) OR 81 Capital Dr., Aiken, SC 29803 (no food; call for area referral) Contact: 706‐736‐1199; Travis McNeal, executive director Golden Harvest

    The Master’s Table 
    A soup kitchen serving free meals at noon to the homeless and needy in the downtown Augusta area 
    Contact: (706) 722‐0607 Master's Table

    Grief Support 

    CommunityBased Bereavement Support 

    Grief Support Groups

    The Compassionate Friends 

    Bereavement support for family after a child dies 

    Website ‐ Compassionate Friends 

    Educational Books 

    For patient and families about dying process

    ie: Gone From My Sight by Barbara Karnes, Hospice RN

    Website: Books on the Dying Process

    Medical Health Assistance

    Community Medical Clinic of Aiken County

    244 Greenville St., Aiken, SC 29801

    Contact: 803-226-0630 CMC of Aiken County

    Coordinated Health Services

    2110 Broad St., Augusta, GA (off 8th St.)

    Contact: 706-364-2600

    Margaret J. Weston Health Center

    4645 Augusta Rd., Clearwater, SC 29822

    Contact: 803-593-9283  MJW Health Center

    Recovery Support Groups

    Augusta Domestic Violence Hotline

    Contact: 1-800-799-SAFE or 706-736-2499

    Shelters/Homeless Support

    Augusta Housing Authority

    Augusta, GA

    Contact: 706-724-5466 Augusta Housing Authority

    Special Needs Support

    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

    An online souce for information about diagnosis, research, treatment, clinical trials and more.


    SC Access

    A guide to resources and services for disabilities and thier caregivers.

    1-800-868-9095 or SC Access

    Suicide/Crisis Line Support

    Georgia Poison Center

    Contact: 1-800-222-1222 or Georgia Poison Center

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    Contact: 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) National Suicide Prevention Lifeline