• Read 180 / System 44 Handbook

    Reading Inventory Proficiency Bands 2018-19

    Schoology PLC Group

    Support Videos and PPT:

    • High School- Read 180/System 44 Entry Criteria:  Video
    • Middle School- Read 180/System 44 Entry Criteria:  Video
    • Elementary School- Read 180/System 44 Entry Criteria:  Video
    • Read 180/System 44 For Students With Disabilities:  Video


    How do I get access to the Dashboard and ITS?

    • Each class must be setup to “Manage Applications.”
      • Select each class, under Manage Roster, click Edit Class Profile. 
      • Under Manage Programs, place a check next to all that apply (Read 180 Next Generation, System 44, rSkills College and Career, Phonics Inventory, Reading Inventory, Reading Counts, etc.)
      • After you checked the boxes to Manage Applications in the Class Profile, it takes 24-hour for the dashboard to be built.

     How do I access the simulator? 

    Username: hmh
    Password: read08 (read + current month)

    Choose Student experience
    Type in: asullivan44

    This simulator can be used for R180, S44, RI, & PI. This is a very valuable resource.

    Can a parent deny Read 180 or System 44 services for their child?

    • Parents with concerns need to talk with their principals.

    How do I install the Read 180 and/or System 44 app on an iPad?





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