• Certificate Renewal

Renew a Professional Certificate

Renewal Eligibility

  • A South Carolina educator's professional certificate is valid for five years and expires on June 30 of the expiration year. In order to be eligible for certificate renewal, the educator must earn a minimum of 120 renewal credits, as described in the renewal credit matrix, during the five year validity period of the certificate.

    Credit Validity

    Credits cannot be more than five (5) years old at the time an educator applies for renewal. Renewal credit that is more than five (5) years old will not be accepted for renewal purposes, even if the credit was earned within the validity period of an already expired certificate.

    Expired Certificates

    Professional educator certificates remain eligible for renewal up to ten (10) school years beyond their expiration.  If a professional certificate has been expired for ten (10) school years or more, the educator must either reapply for an Initial certificate under the current requirements, or the educator must satisfy current Reciprocity requirements.

Renewal Requirements

  • In addition to earning 120 renewal credits within a given renewal period, educators may also be required to meet the following criteria in order to renew their professional educator certification:

    Graduate Course Requirement
    Any educator who has not earned a Master's Degree must earn at least sixty of the required renewal credits (three semester hours) in graduate-level coursework to renew his or her current certificate. Educators who hold Career and Technology Education Work-Based Certificate exclusively are not required to fulfill the graduate-level coursework requirement.

    Jason Flatt Act
    Educators working in a public middle or high school setting must satisfy the Jason Flatt Act requirements before their professional certificate can be renewed. Educators may complete this requirement by visiting the Jason Flatt Website, signing up for the free professional development series, and completing the Mental Health Issues Surrounding Suicidal Ideation (Module 2) training.

    Please review the Jason Flatt Act and contact your District Renewal Coordinator for more information.

    Read to Succeed (R2S) Endorsements
    Educators holding professional certification expiring in 2020 and beyond are currently required to earn the appropriate R2S endorsement to be eligible for further certification renewals.  All coursework that are accepted for meeting R2S endorsement requirements are also pre-approved for meeting renewal requirements.  Please review our Read to Succeed Requirments for additional information.


Renewal Credit Plan

  • The Renewal Credit Plan enables educators employed in a South Carolina Public School District or Renewal Entity to apply a broad range of relevant professional development activities toward their certificate renewal. All of the credited work must support the educator's current professional growth and development plan. The certificate renewal plan:

    • Encourages educators to engage in meaningful, quality professional development activities that are directed toward promoting student achievement
    • Ensures that educators are accountable for their continuous professional development
    • Is operationally efficient


    Earning Renewal Credits

    All educators holding South Carolina professional educator certification are eligible to earn renewal credits through options 1 and 2 of the Renewal Matrix, regardless of employment status.  

    In addition, educators holding certification in the areas of School Psychology or Speech Language Pathology are eligible for earning credit through option 3 of the Renewal Matrix, regardless of employment status.

    Educators employed in South Carolina public school districts or renewal entities may be eligible to earn renewal credits utilizing options 4 through 11 of the Renewal Matrix at the approval of their employer.

    Renewal Matrix

    Educators can view the Renewal Matrix for all of the renewal options available. Educators not currently employed in a South Carolina public school district or at a participating educational entity in the Renewal Plan Program are only eligible to utilize options 1-3 in the renewal matrix to renew your professional certificate.

National Board Renewal

  • If a South Carolina NBPTS educator chooses to renew his or her SC professional educator's certificate instead of the NBPTS certificate at the end of the active validity date, the educator will follow SC's Renewal Credit Plan. If the educator is employed in a SC public school district, the NBPTS educator will work through the district's system to renew the SC professional educator's certificate. If the NBPTS educator is not employed in a SC public school system, he or she will work through the SCDE- Office of Educator Certification to renew his or her SC professional educator's certificate.

    All renewal work for a NBPTS educator who is renewing the SC professional educator's certification (instead of the NBPTS certificate) must be completed during the last five years of the ten year validity of the NBPTS certification. Under the Renewal Credit Plan, any educator who does not hold a masters degree must earn one half of their renewal credit (60 credits) in graduate level coursework.


Completing the Renewal Process

Certification Staff

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    Professional Development Coordinator
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    Lou Wakefield
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