Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books

  • Come join students from our school as Kennedy participates in Battle of the Books!! This is the eighth year for Battle of the Books at Kennedy Middle, and it is one of the most exciting programs we do at Kennedy!

    What is Battle of the Books??
    Battle of the Books is an academic-bowl style quiz competition focusing on a list of ten preselected books. Students who choose to participate are making a commitment to Mrs. King and their teammates that they will read and KNOW those books and will see it through until the end. Please do not sign up if you are not willing to commit to this.


    By September 22nd-Students register to participate by having the parent permission form signed and returned
    Teams will be determined after this date.
    **If you don't have a team, please come to the library to sign up anyway. We will find a team for you!

    Organizational Meetings:

    Tuesday, September 26th - 7th grade interest meeting during their advisory
    Wednesday, September 27th - 8th grade interest meeting meet during their advisory

    October-Early March-Students will be reading the 10 chosen novels, meeting with Mrs. King to check progress, quizzing each other
    **Multiple paperback copies of each title will be available for teams to borrow from Mrs. King. Additionally, most of the 10 titles are available in Destiny as ebooks.

    Beginning week of March 4th - Battle of the Books competition held in the library during advisory. A grade-level winning team will be named as well as a school-wide winning team that will compete against a faculty/staff team!

    District Middle School Battle of the Books-Wednesday, March 27th - The district-wide middle school Battle of the Books competition will be held; the winning teams from each school will come together to battle it out!

2018-2019 Winners

  • 2018-2019 Winners
    (62 Total Participants)

    8th grade-Team The Tribute
    Kara Loyd
    Maggie Davisson
    Zephanae Liis
    Mariko Maja

    7th grade-Team Triple Threat
    Blu Goodwin
    Annie Dzickowski
    Peter Garrison

    **6th grade-Team Won
    Dylan Enlund
    Hannah Gamble
    Michelle Wei

     **Team Won won for the school, beat the faculty team and were the runners' up in the district competition going into a tie-breaker round with Schofield.

2017-2018 Winners

  • 2017-2018 Winners
    (53 Total Participants)

    8th grade-Team KKYJ
    Kallista Yeung
    Katerina Yeung
    Yuki Chen
    Jumanah Al-Soudi

    **7th grade-Team Diversity
    Zephanae Liis
    Kara Loyd
    Diane Panter
    Madison Heyman

    6th grade-Team 4 Broomsticks
    Hailey Spondike
    Emma Lawler
    Kyndall Spann
    Paige Rankin

     **Diversity won for the school, beat the faculty team and were the runners' up in the district competition.

2016-2017 Winners

  • 2016-2017 Winners
    (54 Total Participants)

    8th grade
    Olivia Baynham
    Lauren Cook
    Tayler Jackson

    **7th grade-Team KKY
    Kallista Yeung
    Katerina Yeung
    Yuki Chen

    6th grade
    Bailey Kirkland
    Reese Kirkland
    MaKenna Krol
    Lilian Hatchett

     **KKY won for the school