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    These students are nominated and voted on by classmates at the end of their 4th grade year; they are very important part of daily life at the our school.  They help in the counseling office because they have excellent interpersonal skills and character qualities.  Bridge Builders are well trained and confidential.  They have many leadership responsibilities, but their main focus is helping students resolve conflict. 

    The Bridge Builders are available each morning for conflict management and are able to work with their peers to find solutions to friendship problems or any other issue that arises between friends.  Two Bridge Builders work every day from 7:10-7:40 a.m.; when students request help on a "Fix It Form", the Bridge Builders call a meeting.  During the meeting, they assist the students with mediating the problem.  They try to help the students think of solutions and compromises that could help fix the problem.  They have to exemplify good character traits and show strong communication skills with both peers and faculty in order to become a part of the Bridge Builders.





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    Bridge Builders!


    Britton Breazeale

    Shanna Bush

    Elizabeth Reese

    Natalie Hardy

    Laila Page 

    Julian Graham

    Jacob Warren

    Landon Sweat

    Ja'veon Sease

    Royer Diaz

    Micah Anderson