The Class of 2019 was awarded $14,877,807 in scholarships!!!

  •  Updated Scholarship Deadlines (as of 4/2/20)


    April 7- SCCAWS Medical and Education Scholarship- application available online, turn into Gilmer

    April 17- Dekoda Watson Scholarship- application available online, student is responsible for requesting references and turning them into Gilmer, applications should be turned into Ms. Gilmer

    May 8- Jacquez Hearst Memorial Scholarship-application available here, turn into Gilmer

    April 27- Schofield Scholarship, student is responsible for mailing in

    April 28- Sage Valley Golf Foundation Scholarship, turn into Ms. Gilmer

    May 8- Horse Creek Historical Society Scholarship & Horse Creek Historical Society Essay Contest- turn into Ms. Gilmer, applications available here and here

     May 8-Antonio Freeman Memorial Scholarship

    May 8- Carly Unlimited Scholarship

    May 8- Hatcher Funeral Home Scholarship

    May 8- LBC Middle School Alumni Scholarship

    May 8- LMMS Alumni Scholarship

    May 8- Jean Johnson Memorial Scholarship

    May 8- Debbie Knight Memorial Scholarship

    *If any of your scholarship apps need a transcript, please email Ms. Gilmer bgilmer@acpsd.net for a copy

     *Note: Scholarships with an original April due date have not been contacted yet. Should we be out of school past the April due dates, those will likely be extended. Stay tuned for updates!

    Many scholarship applications that are posted in the counseling office are available for you online here- Scholarship Applications


    Scholarships due in APRIL that are turned into Ms. Gilmer:

     Antonio Freeman Memorial Scholarship

    LBC Alumni Scholarship

    Gregg Graniteville Jean Johnson Memorial Scholarship

    LMMS Alumni Scholarship

    Carly Unlimited Scholarship

    Hatcher Funeral Home Scholarship


    Scholarships due in MAY that are turned into Ms. Gilmer:

    Clearwater Elementary PTO Scholarship

    GVW Fire Department Scholarship

    Midland Valley Lions Club Scholarship





    Please submit completed scholarship applications one week prior to deadline to allow time to review and process materials to meet deadlines. If a recommendation letter is needed, please allow two weeks to process.  Request recommendation letters from your assigned counselor. Students must give applications directly to Ms. Gilmer (Scholarship Coordinator) or to the Guidance Secretary.  The final scholarship materials will be returned to you for mailing unless specified by scholarship agency to be mailed directly from school. It is very important to give counselors and teachers sufficient time to write recommendation letters & THANK THEM!!!


    Check out Aiken County's NEW online scholarship database! Most of these will still be posted in the counseling office. Local scholarships/scholarships unique to MV will NOT be on the database and must be picked up in the counseling office. Aiken County Scholarship Database


    Sage Valley Golf Foundation Scholarship click the link to access the Sage Valley Golf Foundation Scholarship. All applications must be typed!!!


     Current Students: Submit this form to Mrs. Gilmer for transcripts for SCHOLARSHIPS only.

    All college transcripts must be sent via Parchment.  SCHOLARSHIP TRANSCRIPT

     This form is a great way for you to organize all of your scholarship application requirements (due dates, essays, etc.)

     Organizing Scholarships

     Use this form to help keep track of your student activities, leadership, and community service

    Junior/Senior "Brag" Sheet

    Recommendation Highlights

    Letter of Recommendation Info Form (Preferred for Ms. Ryans Students -- Please print and submit)


    Create Your Own Resume (Form Below)

    Sample Student Resume

    South Carolina Lottery Scholarships - Brochures

    Palmetto Fellows Scholarship

    HOPE-LIFE Scholarship

    SC WINS - statewide technical college scholarship for students who have completed high school (NEW)

    SC WINS is a statewide technical college scholarship for Dual Enrolled high school students (NEW)



    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a form that can be prepared annually by current and prospective

    college students to determine their eligibility for student financial aid.

     SC Tuition Grants 

    Need-based tuition grants program for the State of South Carolina designed to assist eligible South Carolina residents with demonstrated financial need to afford to attend certain in-state, accredited independent colleges on a full-time enrollment basis. 

    Online Scholarship Websites:

    You may need to create a username and password on some websites. 


    CollegeCovered.com is a free, valuable resource to assist in planning for higher education. Lots of resources & Tools.


    Once you complete your profile you'll have access to our database of more than 1.5 million scholarships


    GoodCall integrates data and technology to make finding scholarships easier for students and their families


    Sponsored by American Legion including veterans benefits


    The Largest Scholarship Database On The Web

    Scholarship America

    Scholarship America manages thousands of scholarship programs. Many are only open to employees of the sponsoring company or their families, but some are available to students in the general public. All of the programs below are managed by Scholarship America.