• What exactly is this big list of scholarships?

    This is a list of mostly local and state scholarships and their deadlines that have been available in previous years. Please keep in mind that scholarship offerings constantly change, so this should just be used as a guide.  The links provided will send you to old applications and should only be used to gain an idea of what may be asked in upcoming applications.

    How should I use this list?

    Print this list and keep it in your folder! Highlight the scholarships that you would be eligible to apply for so you are prepared and not waiting until the last minute.

    How can I see the scholarships that are currently available with deadlines?

    Check out the Counseling Page and look for the “Scholarship Newsletter” link. See Ms. Tice or email her with any questions (stice@acpsd.net).

    Please click the link below to access scholarship information!

    MVHS Big List 8/15/23