• 5th Grade

    5th graders at Aiken Elementary expand their minds by using critical and creative thinking, authentic problem-solving skills, analysis, technology, research, teamwork, and collaboration across all subject areas. The students will take a historical adventure through U.S. history from the Reconstruction era to Globalization. They will use the processes and skills of scientific inquiry to develop better understanding of science content, to include: physical properties of matter and mixtures, changes in landforms and oceans, interdependent relationships in ecosystems, and forces and motion. They will explore mathematical concepts throughout the year, such as: number sense, fractions, algebraic thinking and operations, geometry, measurement, and data analysis. The fifth grade students will be able to express their new found discoveries through informative, argumentative, and narrative writing throughout the school year.

    Meet our 5th Grade teachers: 

    Lucinda Battisto

    Cristie Caldwell

    Melani Carnahan

    Liz Hiller

    Jacque Osteen