• Internet and Other Electronic Media
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    District Policy

    Please also review:
    Administrative Rule
    Acceptable Use Policy Form

    Technology is a vital part of education and the curriculum of the district and the district’s operations. In an effort to promote learning and expand educational resources for students, the district has made arrangements to provide worldwide electronic online connection access to students and staff. While the Internet will be a primary online source, this policy and any implementing administrative rules are intended to cover the use of the district's computer-related electronic online connections, generally, as well as the district's computer hardware and software. Reference to "Internet" as used herein will be construed as a term of convenience to cover the intended scope of this policy. The district's goal in providing this service is to promote educational excellence by communication, innovation and facilitation in sharing of teaching and learning resources. Access to such "electronic highways" connecting millions of computer users all over the world will allow district students and staff the opportunity to communicate with others on a global level and access educational materials worldwide. It will also enhance professional development for staff.

    The Internet can provide a vast collection of educational resources for students and employees. It is a global network that makes it impossible to control all available information. Because information appears, disappears and changes constantly, it is not possible to predict or control what students may locate. The school district makes no guarantees as to the accuracy of information received on the Internet. Although students will be under teacher supervision while on the network, it is not possible to constantly monitor individual students and what they are accessing on the network. Some students might encounter information that is not of educational value.

    Access to the Internet is a privilege, not a right. With this privilege, there also is a responsibility to use the Internet solely for educational purposes and not to access inappropriate materials not suitable for students. To that end, the district administration is directed to develop appropriate guidelines governing the use of district computers to access the Internet.

    As part of the implementation of the administration's guidelines, students and staff must be instructed on the appropriate use of the Internet. In addition, parents/legal guardians must sign a permission form to allow students to access the Internet. Students also must sign a form in the code of student conduct acknowledging that they have read and understand the acceptable use policy and administrative rule, that they will comply with this policy and rule, and that they understand the consequences of violating this policy or rule. District staff must sign a similar acknowledgment form IJNDB-E before they will be allowed to access the Internet. Inappropriate use by any person will not be tolerated.

    Adopted 11/12/96; Revised 1/8/02, 5/22/12