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What Constitutes An "Absence?"

  • If a student fails to attend 50% or more of the school day, this student will be counted absent. A student is absent if he or she is not physically on school grounds and is not participating in instruction or instruction-related activities at an approved off-grounds location for the school day. 

Attendance Facts

    • Attendance is taken on the first day of school.
    • There is a direct link between higher student achievement and regular school attendance.
    • Truant behavior often leads to a student being involved in other risky behaviors.
    • Poor attendance is an early warning sign of trouble in a student's life, including the possibility of dropping out.
    • Students who miss a day of school miss instruction and must make up the work while trying to learn new material.
    • Poor attendance leads to academic failure and may prevent a student from graduating on time.

Aiken County Public Schools Attendance Policy

  • All parents or guardians shall require their children or wards to attend regularly a public or private school or kindergarten of this State which has been approved by the State Board of Education, a member school of the South Carolina Independent Schools’ Association, a member school of the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools, or some similar organization, or a parochial, denominational, or church-related school, or other programs which have been approved by the State Board of Education from the school year in which the child or ward is five years of age on or before September first until child or ward attains his seventeenth birthday or graduates from high school. Click on the words "Absence Policy" for additional details on what to do in the event a student is unable to attend school and additional information on lawful and unlawful absences. 

How important is attendance?

  • Students are most likely to succeed academically when they attend school regularly and receive consistent one-to-one instruction. Teachers are best able to provide students who attend school regularly with a high-quality education through the application of their unique talents and individual gifts. The most efficient transfer of skills and knowledge from teachers to their classes could be impacted if students are frequently absent.

Attendance Tips For Parents

  • Always know the school's policies on absences and making up homework. 

    Teach your child that being on time each day is important. 

    Talk with your child about why he or she is avoiding school. 

    Explain to your child the importance of attending school everyday. 

    Notify school personnel if your child is going to be absent for any reason. 

    Discourage your child from leaving school before the end of the school day. 

    Arrange for your child's personal appointments to be held after school or during breaks whenever possible. 

    Notify your school promptly in writing to explain why your child was absent from school. 

    Contact teachers to find out what your child's homework assignments are when he or she has been absent. 

    Enlist the help of a school counselor if your child's academic problems seem to be affecting his or her attendance.