Topics and Skills for READ180


    What's Your Story????

    Workshop 3: What's Your Story?


    Readers will learn how authors and storytellers use real-life events and experiences to entertain others. 

    Workshop Skills 

    Comprehension Skills (Make Inferences, Text Evidence, Analyze Characters and Plot, Central Idea and Details )

    Writing (Literary Analysis Paragraph , Personal Narrative Paragraph)

    Language (Identifying and using multiple-meaning words, Suffixes and Base Words)


    True West

    Workshop 4: True West


    Readers will learn about the Pony Express, Native Americans and the pioneer life during the 1800's.

    Workshop Skills 

    Comprehension Skills (Central Idea and Details, Make Inferences, Text Evidence, Author Purpose)

    Writing (Opinion Essay)

    Language/Conventions (Figurative Language and Verb Tense)




    Topics and Skills for System44



    Going the Distance


    Module 5: Going the Distance      


    Readers will learn how scientists are using technology to explore new places.

    Module Skills 

    Comprehension Skills (Central Idea, Details, Summarize)

    Vocabulary/Word Study (Word Families, Recognizing Compound Words, Identifying Stressed and Unstressed Syllables)

    Writing (Informative Paragraphs)

    Conventions (Verb phrases, and Prepositional phrases) 




    Monsters Everywhere

    Module 6: Monsters Everywhere


    Readers will learn how society can invent stories about mysterious creatures.

    Module Skills

    Comprehension Skills (Summarize, Cite Textual Evidence, Central Idea and Details)

    Vocabulary/Word Study (Prepositional Phrases, Base Words and Affixes, Open and Closed Syllables)

    Writing (Informative and Argumentative Paragraphs)

    Conventions (Using prepositional phrases in compound sentences)