Dual/Concurrent Enrollment

  • South Carolina Transfer and Articulation Center

    SC TRAC is a web portal designed to improve college course transfer and articulation in the state. The system assists students by providing online tools that make it easier to transfer academic credit and evaluate how higher education course work will transfer among South Carolina’s public colleges and universities. It is particularly useful to high school students who are taking dual credit, Advanced Placement, and/or International Baccalaureate courses as they can benefit tremendously by using the site to help plan their postsecondary course work.


    University of South Carolina - Aiken Campus

    Concurrent Admission. Concurrent Admission is a program offered by the University of South Carolina Aiken to high school juniors and seniors. It provides an opportunity for students who are capable of meeting an increased challenge to earn college credit by taking courses offered by the university while still enrolled in high school. To be considered for this program, students must submit: an application for admission, high school transcripts, SAT/PSAT or ACT scores, a letter of approval from parent or guardian, a letter of approval from high school principal or guidance counselor.

    Student Eligibility

    • Student must be a junior or senior in high school
    • Students must score at least 1020 on the SAT or PSAT or 21 on the ACT
    • Students must submit a high school transcript and rank in the top 25% of their high school class
    • Submit a letter of approval from their high school (Principal or Guidance Counselor)
    • Submit a letter or approval from parent or guardian
    • Avoid courses which are offered by the students’ high school
    • Must meet the prerequisites of any course before enrolling in that course

    Students admitted to this program will be enrolled in regular college courses in general subject areas, and will be chosen in consultation with the student so as to complement their high school program. Students who are successful in their first course(s) may be able to continue their enrollment in this program during subsequent terms. (Brochure)


    Aiken Technical College

    At Aiken Technical College, Dual Enrollment applies to students who are enrolled in both high school and college. This is made possible under a 2005 South Carolina State Law called the Education and Economic Development Act or EEDA.
    The two options for Dual Enrollment at Aiken Technical College are:

    Concurrent Enrollment - whereby a high school student takes college courses, and requests college credit only. 
    Dual Credit Enrollment - whereby a high school student enrolls in college courses, and requests both high school credit and college credit.
    Dual Enrollment is available to eligible Aiken County juniors or seniors who obtain both parent and school written permission. Exceptional freshmen and sophomores may be recommended by the high school principal. In addition, students must be accepted by Aiken Technical College.