Specials: 9:40-10:25

    M- Math Lab

    T- PE

    W- Art

    TH- Music

    F- Library (Please remember to return Library books weekly)


    Lunch: 10:30-10:55


    Classrsoom Rules and Expectations:

    Our class worked together to come up with rules that will help us all to learn and become leaders!

    1.  Keep your hands and feet to yourself.  Sit criss-cross with your hands in your lap.

    2.  Move quietly and carefully in our classroom.

    3.  Listen when someone else is talking, do not interrupt.

    4.  Keep our room clean.

    5.  Keep our bathroom clean.

    6.  Work quietly. 













































































  • Welcome to Mrs. McIlvoy’s Kindergarten classroom.  I am so excited about being your child’s teacher this year.  Mrs. Meadows and I want to make every effort to make the first few weeks of school an easy transition for you and your child.

    Below you will find useful information to make your child’s kindergarten year a success. 



    We will all meet in the classroom on the first day.  The building will open at 6:45AM.  Once everyone is settled we will spend the day getting to know one another and learning our routines and procedures.  We will take a tour of the school and visit the lunchroom in order to be ready for our first “big kid” lunch.  Beginning on Thursday we will start our regular morning routine mentioned below. 


    Student Numbers:

    Please begin to familiarize your child with the number he/she will be given the first day of school.  All students purchasing school lunch will need to type their number on a keypad in the lunchroom.  It really helps speed things along if the students know the number.  This will also be the number students will use to check out library books and log on to computers in the learning lab.


    Bus/Car Tags:

    On the first day, each student will be given a tag with transportation information on it.  Please be sure this tag is on your student each morning before he/she comes to school.  This is critical in making sure all the students get home in the proper way.


    Morning Drop-Off:

    Car line will begin at 6:45.  Students may not be dropped off before that time.  Students dropped off in car line should report to the Kindergarten hallway.  They will sit in the hallway until 7:25. Bus riders will be escorted into the building from the bus ramp and taken to the appropriate area.  We will then begin our morning routine of unpacking and preparing for our day at 7:25. The tardy bell rings at 7:30.  Student that arrive after 7:30 will need to go to the main office, using the front doors of the school, to receive a tardy pass.  All other buildings will be locked at 7:30 for safety purposes.  An adult will pick up late students from the office and escort them to class. 


    *If your child is eating breakfast at school, he/she will need to report to the lunchroom.


    Afternoon Dismissal:

    Bus riders will be escorted to the bus ramp by Mrs. Meadows.  She will make sure that every child gets on the correct bus.  This can be very confusing the first few weeks of school, but please know that Mrs. Meadows works very hard to put every student on the right bus. 


    Quest Zone students will be escorted to the lunchroom by a kindergarten teacher.  Quest Zone staff will be waiting on them in the lunchroom.


    Car Riders will be escorted to the kindergarten hallway where they will wait to hear their names called over the intercom.  The first week of school, a teacher or safety patrol will walk kindergarten students out to the cars.  Before you know it, your little one will be doing this all alone and feel like such a big kid!!!


    *At the beginning of the year, car line can take a very long time.  Please be assured that we are working as quickly as we can to get the students out safely.



    Please remember that your child needs a book bag everyday.  In addition to the supplies listed on the school website, please also send in the following items.


    1 Composition book (any color, as long as it is not a spiral notebook)

    1 pack of small paper cups (used for snack time, 9-12 oz is a good size)  *We will request cups monthly throughout the year.  We use them every day.  It is very hot at the beginning of the year, and we only have one water fountain in our classroom, so having cups of water helps everyone cool off quickly.


    Wish list supplies: These items will be used throughout the year.  When you are out shopping please keep us in mind.


    Hand sanitizer

    Ziploc bags (especially gallon size)

    Clorox wipes

    Wet wipes




    We will have a daily snack time.  Snacks will need to be brought from home by each student. 



    Birthdays are an exciting time in Kindergarten.  Due to changes to the food policy, we are no longer allowed to have birthday cupcakes at lunch.  We have decided as a school to have one day a month in each class to honor our birthday students.  Please check with me during your child’s birthday month to plan the day that we will have our birthday celebration.  If there are multiple birthday’s in a month, I will contact parents to work out arrangements for what to bring.



    Your child’s folder will contain an agenda and will be sent home daily and should be returned each day.  This will be our daily line of communication.  One side of the folder will be for the agenda and notes that need your attention.  One side will be for papers that are to be kept at home.  There will be a Ziploc bag in the folder for money or special items.  Please check this folder nightly. 



    Homework will begin after Labor Day.  More information will be sent home at that time.  Please read nightly with your child.  Find books you both enjoy and spend time together reading for fun.  It is perfectly okay at this point to be reading “to” your child.  Before you know it, they will be reading to you. 



    If your child’s transportation home in the afternoon should change, please make sure to send a written note in his/her folder.  If we do not receive a note, we will not be able to allow the change in transportation.  This is for the safety of our students. 



    Please be sure to dress your child in clothes that he/she can manage without assistance.  Students must be able to unbutton, unzip, etc. in order to use the restroom.  Flip flops are not allowed.  Please be sure your child wears athletic shoes on PE day.


    Please pack a change of clothes in your child’s book bag just in case of an accident.  These will remain in your child’s book bag unless they are needed, or if you prefer to leave them at school, they can be stored in the classroom closet.  This helps not only for bathroom accidents, but also for spills.  Don’t forget extra underwear and socks.




    All money must be in an envelope labeled with your child’s name, teacher’s name, and the purpose of the money.


               Ex:  John Brown

                       Mrs. McIlvoy 5k

                       Lunch Money


    On PE days, please remember to send your child in athletic shoes.  They will not be allowed to participate if they aren’t dressed appropriately.  The children get very sad if they have to sit out.  Check your child’s agenda for PE dates, as these will change throughout the year. 




    We LOVE to have helpers.  Parent (and Grandparent) volunteers are always welcome.  We will be sending home information shortly after school starts.  All volunteers must complete an orientation.  We can use volunteers to read with students, help with crafts/special projects, and to help with general classroom activities.



    If your child has a medical condition that requires medicine during the school day, please see the school nurse for a form.  NO medicine can be brought to school by a student, a parent must bring it.


    Behavior Expectations:

    Kindergarteners have a lot of adjustments to make this year, and Mrs. Meadows and I will be teaching them about making good choices and being a leader. We are doing a school wide program called “The Leader In Me”.  Students will be taught the 7 Habits to help them be great leaders.


    Star Student:

    Each week we will draw a student’s name to be the star student.  Attached you will find a list of activities for the star student to complete each week.  Please keep in mind that the star student is chosen randomly each week.  Every student will have a turn during the year.


    Contact Information:

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  The best way to reach me is by email.  My school email address is audreymcilvoy@acpsd.net


    I will be using the app BLOOMZ this year as an additional way to communicate with parents.  Please download this app to your smartphone.  The class code is NM9GW3.



    I will send home a daily schedule and additional information as it becomes available.

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