Algebra I uses variables to generalize and extend the laws of arithmetic. In this course, the student will acquire facility in applying algebraic concepts and skills to real world problems. This course is the basis for all further study of college preparatory mathematics. A student enrolling in this course should have mastery of the fundamental concepts and operations of arithmetic and a basic understanding of linear relationships. Course topics include the study of the real number system, linear equations and inequalities, polynomials and factoring, graphing and modeling of functions and relations, quadratic and exponential relationships, as well as irrational numbers and descriptive statistics. This course is based on the SCCCR-M standards for Algebra 1. All Algebra 1 students will be required to participate in the statewide End-of-Course Examination Program which will account for 20% of their course grade.


    Algebra 1 CP Syllabus


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