Student Forms

  • Verification of Withdrawal
    Please fill out this form if:
    you are under 19
    you are enrolling in the GED program
    The principal or guidance counselor from your previous must sign the form and fill in your official withdrawal date.
    This must be filled out and submitted to the State Department of Education in order for you to take the GED test.

    Underage Waiver Packet
    This packet includes the form and instructions.
    Please fill out this form if:
    - you are 16 or 17
    - you want to enroll in the GED or HS Diploma program
    - this form must have all the appropriate signatures in the proper order before being sent to the Adult Education department
    - please include a signed copy of your transcript with the form upon sending it to Adult Education
    Please keep in mind that if a 16 year old is approved to enter the program, the student will NOT be permitted to take the GED until after they have turned 17. This is a SC State Department of Education law.

    SNAP 2 Work VPA Form
    ONLY students who are SNAP recipients need to sign this form.