When possible, medications should be given by parents/guardians before or after school.

    Medication to be given during the school day, including over the counter medication, must be delivered by the parent/guardian in the original labelled container and accompanied by a completed Medication Permission Form.

    Over-the-counter medications may be given with parental permission as long as age appropriate dosing recommendations on the product label are followed.

    Written authorization from the Healthcare Provider who prescribed the medication is required for prescription, herbal, homeopathic, and non-prescription medications not given in accordance with the product label. These medications must be in the original container and have a pharmacy label with dosing instructions attached.

    Aiken County School District (ACSD) and its employees reserve the right to refuse to honor medication requests that are not consistent with professional standards and/or deemed unsafe for the school setting.

    All medications will be stored in a locked cabinet unless the student has been granted permission to self-monitor/self-medicate.

    Medications and Field Trips

    If your child will require medication on a field trip that is not currently on file at school, you need to provide the medication and a completed Medication Permission Form to the school nurse one week prior to the field trip. This will allow the nurse to train the teacher to assist your child with their medication.



    1. Medical procedures require receipt of written orders from a health care practitioner who is recognized by SC’s Dept of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation as authorized to prescribe medical procedures .
    2. The school nurse, in consultation with the parents, physician and student, will develop an Individualized Health Management Plan for the medical procedure



    1. Deliver the requested forms and/or orders along with medication in the original labeled prescription container and/or proper equipment for medical procedure to the school.
    2. Inform the school of any changes in the student’s health condition, medical procedure or medication.
    3. Update ACSD forms annually or when there is any change in the medication or medical procedure.
    4. Pick up any unused medication or medical supplies within one week of discontinuation or last day for students, whichever comes first, after which medications will be disposed of.
    5. Provide no more than a thirty (30) day supply of medication to the school.
    6. Be responsible for medication/equipment until it is received by principal or his/her designee. 



    1. Safely assist students with medication or performance of medical procedure.
    2. Communicate with the parent any problems or issues relating to administering medication or medical procedures.
    3. Destroy medicine according to policy one week after discontinuance of medication or at the end of the school year, if not reclaimed by parents.



    Certain students with special health care needs may self-administer and or monitor provided the following requirements are met:

    • The school has received completed and signed forms from the legal prescriber; parent/legal guardian, and the student.
    • An Individual HealthCare Plan (IHP) has been developed by the school nurse.



    Self Med Parent.pdf
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