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    Posted by Eugene Bush on 8/10/2016 7:25:00 PM

    Meet the Crew!

    When you walk into my classroom, you will notice the Star Wars theme on the display boards. In 1977, I watched the first Star Wars movie in theaters with my family and have been loving the series ever since.

    JOIN ME as we explore the Force through art!

    Our classroom needs Star Wars art that you create!

    Using one of the words below, create and label your unique art work in Spanish that represents this Star Wars item:


    [[El bláster]] –Blaster                                                          [[La Resistencia]]-The Resistance

    [[Un droide]]-Droid                                                             [[Un droide unidad BB]]—BB droid

    [[Una caza TIE]]-TIE fighter                                                [[un guerrero de la Resistencia]]-Fighter for the Resistance

    [[el carguero]]-Cargo ship                                                   [[La Fuerza]]-The Force

    [[Halcón Milenario]]-Millennium Falcon                                  [[el contrabandista]]-Smuggler

    [[El hiperpropulsor]]-Hyperdrive                                         [[Un Jedi]]-Jedi

    [[Un Stormtrooper]]-Stormtrooper                                      [[El sable de luz]]-Light saber

    [[la caza de la Resistencia]]-Resistance fighters                   [[¡Qué la Fuerza te acompañe!]]-May the Force be with you.

    [[La velocidad de luz]]-Light speed                                     [[Estrella de la muerte]]-Star Killer

    [[Las Guerras Clon]]-The Clone Wars                                 [[La Alianza]]-the Alliance

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