• Purpose

    The purpose of Leavelle McCampbell Middle School is to provide a safe, creatively stimulating, academically challenging, and technologically-enhanced learning environment where all stakeholders in our school have an opportunity to be involved in day-to-day school activities. We strive to ensure that students connect their place in our community with their place in the global society by emphasizing character, education, and good citizenship.


    Leavelle McCampbell Middle School is a school which acknowledges and enhances student strengths and allows them to develop to their fullest potential. We strive to offer an environment that promotes social, emotional, and academic growth, as well as citizenship of students in the school and community. We offer an environment where students are challenged and motivated to be active learners, discovering how to solve problems, make well-developed decisions, and think creatively. Leavelle McCampbell is a school whose students will recognize the need to become lifelong learners while becoming productive, contributing members of society.

    School Beliefs That Support Our Purpose:

    At Leavelle McCampbell, we believe that:

    An environment with positive role models will affect and influence individual motivational growth.

    Education should involve students, parents, educators, and community.

    Education should involve the total student.

    The awareness of multi-cultural diversity will enhance the overall relationship in the home, school, and community.

    A positive and safe environment is conducive to learning.

    Every child has the potential to learn.

    All individuals have an equal right to be educated.

    Each individual is responsible for their behavior.

    Each individual has the potential to contribute constructively to society.

    Education not only deals with academics, but also with the student's development as a successful, worthwhile citizen of society.

    Learning is a lifelong process.