• In this class, we follow The 5 P’s for classroom success. Be Prompt, Prepared, Polite, Patient, and Productive.

    1. PROMPT—We value our learning time. All students will be in their seats when the bell rings.

    2. PREPARED— We plan for success. Students will come to class each day prepared. This includes having in your possession all required books and materials, and having completed any tasks that were assigned to you beforehand.

    3. POLITE— All students desire respect (yes, you!). All students will exchange respect in this classroom. Remaining quiet during work time, refraining from loud outbursts, and listening to each other’s opinions and ideas will be standard.

    4. PATIENT— We appreciate the diversity of learning styles. When additional instruction time is beneficial to some students, the others will continue to respect their opportunity to learn in their own way.

    5. PRODUCTIVE— We will not take for granted the opportunity to be a better version of ourselves. All students will participate in class discussions, complete assignments, and put forth the effort to internalize the material presented. 



    Violations against The 5 P’s, or any other school-wide behavior policy, will initiate the disciplinary process. Each student will restart the process upon Mrs. Thomas’ satisfaction of genuine observed behavior change. Mrs. Thomas reserves the right to expedite the process for severe cases of disrespect or disobedience.

    1st Offense—Verbal Reminder

    2nd Offense—Verbal Warning

    3rd Offense—Student-Teacher Conference

    4th Offense—Phone Call Home

    5th Offense—Administrative Referral