• 1/15  First day of 2nd semester- Economics-  Go over classroom rules & give out parent letter. Discuss scarcity and the primary resources that we use.  Define vocabulary 1-37.

    1/16 Do Guided reading 1 section 1 Scarcity & the science of economics

    1/17  When you run into me in Kroger 5 years from now, & 10 years from now what are you going to be doing? (What, why, where) & what do you want to be in your eulogy when you die at 80 years old?  3 paragraphs

    1/18  Go over sec 1 (need, want, scarcity, Economics, paradox of value) Talk about these things in the context of local businesses and what do they think is the most important.  How do you determine what is a want or need.  4 things that set the poverty line in the U.S. Assign section 2

    1/22  Choices! 1-2 section  Talk about MLK quote "Not environment, not heredity, but personal response is the final determining factor in our lives, and herein lies our area of responsibility." 3 questions each society must answer, 4 items in the scope of economics.  Discuss resources (durable, non-durable, idle) capital goods.  Opportunity cost & difference between it and trade-offs.

    1/23 Quiz on Chapter 1 section 1 scarcity, questions societies face, & scope of economics.  1-3 Economic models  Production possibilities

    1/24 Discuss trade-offs and specialization  Crash course #2.  Comparative advantages of trades. Pay scale and investing in human capital.  Advantages of job shadowing before choosing profession

    1/27 Do 1.3 Economic Models (division of labor, specialization, and Talk about Circular Flow & discuss real-world example in Aiken)

    1/28 Chapter 1 Written test review and Finish up section 3 Using Economic Models

    1/29 Kahoot review & Semester pre-test

    1/30 Chapter 1 Scarcity & Science of Econ Test    Chapter 2 Vocab for Economic Systems

    1/31 Talk about coronavirus and u.s life expectancy as compared with other developed countries.

    2/3 Check 2-1 & Discuss Super Bowl ads and sign up for How the Market works game.

    2/4 Class day totally devoted to researching with stock to buy and going over how to use the HTMW website & personal profile





    1/30  Quiz on 1-1 & Discussion of opportunity cost and the benefits of a decision making grid. 

    1/31  Go over 1-2

    2/12 Ch1 Test Review

    2/13 oral test review for test tomorrow

    2/14 Ch 1 test

    2/15 Talk about the 3 different types of economies in the world

    2/16 Vocabulary words defined for How an econ system helps a society deal with scarcity (7 words) & discussion of each

    2/19  3 vocabulary words and discussion of the venn diagram of p49 fig 2-2

    3/1  Oral review of 3 types of economies and the advantages & disadvantages of each. 

    3/2 Test on 3 types of economies

    3/6 Sign up for howthemarketworks.com game  (50 trades by 4/30)

    3/9 Every one in class must make at least one trade on the stock market on howthemarketworks.com

    3/12 Go over roles & responsibilities in our free enterprise economy.

    3/15 US Free Enterprise Test

    3/20 Begin Unit on Demand