• United States Government Syllabus

    Unit One- Foundations of Government Week 1 & 2

    8/19 Personal introduction from teacher & from each student. 

    8/20 Signed parent letter/curriculum for U.S. Government & get a book scanned out to you. 

    8/21 Discussion of major political issue questions that determine if someone is identified as Conservative, liberal, communitarian, or libertarian.     Political Ideology   This is an identifier to help students identify the policies that each side favors. 

    8/22 Lesson 1 Foundations of Government worksheet, 8 vocab words for section 1, p. 11 1-5   (Purposes & origins of government)

    8/23 Go over & check  hw.  Talk about - foundations notes

    8/26 Lesson 2 Foundations of Government worksheet (Types of Government) 12 vocab words for the section  - 14 Characteristics of a democracy

    8/27 Check homework (p.21 & lesson 2 vocab) & discuss the systems & types of government...... to be finished on Friday

    8/28  - Foundations of Government quiz 1 (functions & types of government, theories of government origin characteristics of a state) & after the quiz class discussion of the 14 characteristics of a democracy. 

    8/29 Senior classes met with guidance about Graduation requirements and scholarship tools.

    8/30 Finish discussion from earlier in the week. Lesson 3 vocab about government role in different types of economies.

    9/3 -Foundations Test Review 1 (See Coach Brackett for a copy if you are absent)   Quizlet titled Chapter 1 Foundations Test

    - Foundations of Government homework 1 (check & review)

    -Foundations of Government homework 2 (check & review)

    - Foundations of Government homework 3 (check & review)

    9/4- Chapter 1 test

    Unit 2 - Constitutional Influences Week 3,4, &5

    9/5  - Class Discussion of our Political heritage with influences from Philosophers & political documents and experiences & how they intertwine with lesson 1 Ch2 from the text. Origins of government Chapter 2 Vocabulary 15 words & Ch2 L1 review worksheet

    9/6 - Discuss limited & representative government, ch2L1 .  Assign portion of the Declaration of Independence for memorization. DUE 10/10

    9/9 Discuss p. 41 1,3-4.  Benefits & practicality of limited & representative government today. Review historical documents & philosophers from section 1.  Answer p48 #1           Assign Ch2L2 and p.48 2,3,&4

    9/10 Discuss revenue effect on the revolution and the attempt at a new government.  Check & go over Ch2L2

    9/11  Discussion of 9/11 attack and watch a portion of "9/11 A Day that changed the world."  Discussion of the roles of government through the lens of a national tragedy.

     9/12 - Ch2 lesson 1 guided review and notes w timeline/outline of dates, philosophers, & major events & consequences.

    - check for completion of timeline & review    detailed notes from 9/20


    9/13 Constitutional Influence Quiz  (2nd period has to go to Ed-op day)

    - Complete discussion of philosophers & begin events that led to independence classwork/hw

    Lesson 3 -Chapter2L3wksht

    9/16 Discussion of Articles of Confederation (questions from p.53, why it happened & why it flopped & any good that resulted from it & its weaknesses.)  Discuss Shay's Rebellion and what resulted from it.      Assign ch2L4 for homework.   Lesson 4 Creating the Constitution 

    9/17 Review of Shay's Rebellion from yesterday.   Discussion of The Plans of Government & how we arrived at the current plan for Congress.

    9/18  Review of the entire 2nd chapter with a Revolutionary Kahoot

    9/19 Test on Revolutionary Period leading up to the ratification of the Constitution

    9/20-9/24  Topical Illustration of one of the major topics from chapter 1&2  (14 principles of democracy, 4 economic types, 4 philosophers/philosophies, 4 dec of ind sections, Plans & compromises, Shay's rebellion, major types of government, 5 functions of government, 3 systems of government, 4 features of  a state, 4 theories of government origin) Each student's illustration should be a topical illustration of one of the major topics or chapters 1 & 2  they can come up with their own topic if they like.  100 homework grade for rough draft & 2 quiz grades for finished product. Being able to illustrate a topic should show a greater understanding of the topic.  Students are cautioned to make sure their illustration is supported by words (thought bubbles, speech bubbles, labels) and not words supported by illustrations.

    Unit 3 Constitutional Principles week 5,6,&7

    9/25  How does the Constitution's Preamble set out goals for our country & how do we get them accomplished.  Do exercise 3.1 in class/for hw.  List out the fundamental principles of the U.S. Constitution.

    9/26  Continue discussion of how the framework of the Constitution allows for our country to operate & allow it to stand the test of time.  Go over each of the 7 articles to the Constitution using a powerpoint & a website discussing what an article 5 convention is?  Quick review of the Principles of U.S. Constitution (from yesterday) to start.

    9/27 Continue discussion of the 7 articles with a power point.  Finish today.

    9/30  Review of the purposes, principles, 7 articles and complete activity on 3 branches in section 2 and 14 vocab words in the Constitution chapter.  Review of the Dec of Ind.

    10/1 Continued

    10/2 Test Review for chapter 3 Principles, Preamble purposes, 7 articles and the content contained in the 7 articles. Constitutional convention Kahoot

    10/3 Chapter 3 Test 

    10/4 Introduction to the 27 amendments.  Hand out a F-I-B outline of the 27 amendments.  This week we will go over all 27 amendments as the students get ready to recite a piece of the Declaration of Independence that highlights the Declaration of Natural Rights.

    10/7 1st amendment discussion Concentration on (religion-1st period)(speech- 2nd)

    10/8 2nd amendment - 7th amendment   discussion

    10/9 8th - 10th amendment discussion

    10/10- 10/11  Recite Preamble & Declaration of Rights from Declaration of Independence

    10/14 Discussion of 11-12 amendments  focus on electoral college system & election of 1800

    10/15 Bill of rights quiz & Discussion of Civil War amendments

    10/16 Discussion of amendments 16-21 

    10/17  Discussion of amendments 22-27  Bill of Rights Quiz

    10/22  Amendments kahoot

    10/23 Amendment review and illustration draft discussion 

    10/24 Amendments Test

    10/25 Make-up tests and Ch 4 6 vocab words (delegated, expressed, implied, reserved, & concurrent powers along with supremacy clause) and ch5 28 addtional words. (no sec 5)

    10/28 Benchmarks and completion of Ch4 & 5 vocab

    10/29 Discussion of delegated, expressed, implied, reserved, & concurrent powers and the venn diagram on p 105.  We will also touch on the Supremacy clause & what it means to our federal system.

    10/30 5-1 guided reading which entails the details of the structure of Congress and its membership qualifications.

    11/4 Review of details for quiz tomorrow and Discussion of Senate structure.

    11/4-13 Committees terms constituency & leadership in the different aspects of Senate & House

    11/14 Congress quiz over basic #s Section 4 exercise on committees

    11/15 Kahoot of Congress

    11/16 Congress Test

    11/17 - 12/4  Presidential chapter with executive vocab, Pres as the Commander in chief, chief executive, head of state, chief diplomat, and the different types of Presidential power.  This chapter has a quiz on presidential requirements and presidential kahoot and review and a Presidential test.

    12/5 -12/12 Judicial branch review of Article 3 Discussion of selection & approval of justices.  How do they select their cases and the different opinions they write depending on their view of cases and how each has a place in history of the country's justice system.












    11/16 Video facts from the Presidential terms of Washington, Adams, & Jefferson and the profound effect their presidencies had on our country.

    11/17 Worksheet from ch 9 to understand source of executive power and how we saw the different personalities of the first 3 presidents change how executive power shaped our country's government (checks & balances)

    11/20 1st period worked on work from Friday.  3rd & 4th period went over work completed from Friday concerning Presidential powers.  Watched summary of James Madison & Abraham Lincoln's Presidential circumstances & decisions.

    11/21 Identify the purpose of the 7 roles of the American President.  Watch video summaries of the Presidencies of FDR & Reagan and identify examples of the two former Presidents fullfilling these 7 roles.

    11/27 Went over orally in class the roles of head of state, chief executive, commander-in-chief, and chief diplomat

    11/28 Went over orally in class the roles of Legislative leader, economic planner, and party leader.

    11/29 Given note printout of the 7 roles of the President .  Given worksheet to be completed by Thursday on Presidential & Vice Presidential qualifications.

    11/30 What are the formal and informal qualifications to be President.

    12/1  Take home test.  Rank the 7 roles of the President and give 3 reasons why you ranked the roles as you did. Each reason should be at least 3 sentences.

    12/4 Discussion of President's role as a legislative leader.

    12/5 Continue to go over the formal & informal processes of the Executive print

    12/6 Class review of written test review

    12/7 Test on the Executive Branch

    12/8 Go over the Senate/House rules/processes and how/why the differ.  Use Mr. Smith goes to Washington to point out the rules of Congress, positions of leadership in Congress, informal & informal processes of Congress.

    12/11-13 written exam review and quizlet for exam

    12/14 4th period exams

    12/15 1st & 5th period exams

     12/18 2nd & 6th period exams

    1/3 Took the quiz on ISIDEWITH.com not to understand which party we are a part of, but to understand what the major issues are in deciding which candidate to vote for.  It not only helps with deciding who will get our vote, but understanding that everyone does not agree with everything that someone says because they vote for them.  The site shows possible explanations of exceptions to major political issues.  As the students took the quiz they were encouraged to ask for help understanding issues.

    1/4 Students used icivics.org to play the game Executive Command which gives a visual representation of the relationship between the executive and legislative branches of government.  The students also gain an understanding of how busy the President is and the major role the President plays in the functioning of the American Government.

    1/5 use icivics.com to play win the white house to understand to electoral college system.

    1/8 use icivics.com to play the people's pie to understand budgeting for the different departments of the federal government

    1/9 choose any of the icivics.com games from the past week or a different one & give a personal review of the game and if it helped and was entertaining.

    1/10 choose We the jury or Do i have a right from icivics.com to understand different parts of due process in the U.S.

    1/11 Benchmark and Post SLO for US government

    1/12 makeups & icivics.com

    1/16 Begin to see the combination of Government policy along with marketing, supply, demand, & oversight.