• French II

    Goals of the course

    Student will communicate in real-life situations using the 3 modes: interpersonal (2 way speaking/writing), interpretive (listening and reading) and presentational (1 way speaking/writing)

    By using authentic resources (videos and documents intended for native speakers,) students will be able to communicate in French at the intermediate–low level. 

    Through listening and reading in French, students will continue to examine cultural practices and perspectives to gain a deeper understanding of French speakers in local and global communities.  By the end of the course, learners should be creating with the language to express both present and past events on very familiar topics.

    State standards for World Language can be found here.


    Term Average  
    Classwork/Homework     30%
    Quizzes  30% 
    Tests/Projects/Presentations 40%
    Final Average  
    1 Semester 50%

      Quarter 1 Term average  40%

      Quarter 2 Term average  40%

      1st Semester Exam        20%


    2nd Semester

      Quarter 3 Term average  40%

      Quarter 4 Term average  40%

      Final Exam                     20%


    Class discussion (oral/electronic,) Class dialogues, and Class Notebook grades are pooled together as the classwork/homework grade.


    Quizzes range from grammar and vocabulary quizzes to performance based assessments.


    Students will have a range of test grades: grammar/vocabualry tests, performance based-assessments, presentations, and a quarterly participation grade.

    Required Materials

    • Paper, pen/pencil, and username/passwords for electronic text book
    • Earphones including a sturdy case for carrying them in backpacks
    • Binder/two pocket folder Despite this being a paperless class, handouts/rubrics/notes are still provided and are a necessary part of our class.
    • PS Your textbook is NOT a binder.

    Class rules and consequences

    Class rules

    • Arrive to class on time.
    • Be ready to work when the bell rings.
    • Use respectful language in class.
    • Do not interfere with the teaching or learning of others.

     Consequences for choosing to disregard class rules:

    1. Warning
    2. Phone call to parent and/or administrator detention
    3. Office referral

    Some offenses may result in an immediate office referral.