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  • If you are interested in trying out or participating in any of the athletic programs for our school, you must a have current physical (after April 1, 2020) on file. Please use this Athletic Physical Form.



    1. Any athlete guilty of an expulsion offense will be suspended from all athletic participation for the remainder of the year, even if they are readmitted to school.

    2. A coach may deny a team member the right to practice for another school team before the current team’s season is completed.

    3. A coach may deny a team member the privilege to participate in another sport or physical activity that could be detrimental to the student’s preparation for team play.

    4. Any athlete who quits or is dismissed from one sport may not participate with another school team until the current team’s season is completed.

    5. Any athlete that receives suspension (in-school or out) from school cannot play, practice, or tryout in an athletic event during the suspension.

    6. Any athlete suspended twice (in-school or out) within a season will not be permitted to participate in any sport for the remainder of the season, excluding one suspension for tardies. Suspensions will be effective when the athlete is notified by administration of the disciplinary action.

    7. Any athlete suspended 4 times (in-school or out) in a school year will not be permitted to participate in any sport for the remainder of the school year.

    8. Each athlete must attend school for at least 4 full periods to be eligible to participate in an athletic event on that same day. Exceptions may be made for lawful absence reasons.

    9. All practices and tryouts are closed. Please remain in the gym parking lot until practice is over.

    10. Coaches may make additional rules that govern practice, games, and participation. Students are obliged to comply with their coaches’ expectations.

    11. Each season begins on the official high school league starting date or first official day of tryout(s).

    12. Code JJIC-R approved by the school board 9/22/98 – attached (please read).

    These policies allow the Kennedy Middle School coaching staff to add an element of safety, teach responsibility, project a positive image, and parallel the goals and regulations of the South Carolina High School League.



    1. Students must meet all of the requirements set forth by the South Carolina High School League to participate on a school team.

    2. Students must follow all School and County policies as set forth by the Code of Student Conduct and any additional rules set forth by the Coach for that team.


    1. Blatant disrespect towards any staff member or coach will result in the player being dropped from the team.

    2. Any behavior by an athlete that is deemed detrimental to the team or unbecoming to the image of the school will result in immediate dismissal from the athletic team on which the student is participating for the remainder of that season.

    3. Practices and games are school functions, and as such, all school rules and policies apply.


    Conduct not occurring on school premises or at school related events, but which can bring dishonor to a team merely by the association of the team member, is considered unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Such unacceptable conduct includes, but is not limited to, crimes against the person, theft, vandalism, gross disrespect or immorality, and other serious or notorious violations of law or misconduct.

    Accordingly, persons committing such conduct or charged with such criminal offenses shall be subject to the following procedure:

    A student athlete committing conduct which would be an expellable offense under the Code of Student Conduct (if committed at school or at school events) or a student athlete charged with any serious or notorious misconduct or violation of law will be subject to temporary suspension from the athletic team participation, pending a prompt administrative review and determination of culpability. Normally such review and determination shall be made within three school days of the misconduct being brought to the administration’s attention.

    An appropriate additional suspension or penalty relating to participation shall be made by a committee consisting of the coach, athletic director, and principal. Penalties and suspensions may range from a minimum of denial of participation in one game to dismissal from the team. The committee’s determination shall be appealable to the area assistant superintendent whose decision shall be final.

    Adopted 9/22/98

    The School District of Aiken County

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    ONLINE ATHLETICS TICKET SALES NOW OPEN THROUGH GOFAN - In a new partnership with online athletics ticketing leader GoFan, the Aiken County Public School District (ACPSD) is pleased to announce that all middle school and high school sports programs now offers contactless ticket sales online.

    Fans are strongly encouraged to order their tickets online each week as soon as the ticket sale links are published as seating capacity at all ACPSD athletic stadiums, gymnasiums, and fields will be extremely limited due to Covid-19 health and safety measures. These measures will include mandatory social distancing and the wearing of masks and face coverings by all spectators.

    Fans should take note that once a venue's capacity has been met, no additional ticket sales will take place. This means onsite ticket sales will only be available if the school's allotment of tickets does not sell out in advance.

    Fans who experience difficulty purchasing online tickets are encouraged to email GoFan customer service at

    Order tickets for Kennedy's games here:

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