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Degrees and Certifications:

M.Ed., Master of Education, Educational Administration, USC MAT, Master of Art in Teaching, Art Education, USC MFA, Master of Fine Art, Art Studio - Sculpture/Painting/Photography (studio base), USC MA, Master of Art, Art Studio - Sculpture/Painting, (research base), USC BS, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration - Marketing, USC Mentor Certified SC 4.0 Teacher Evaluator Certified

Ms. Te Koehler

My name is Te Koehler, aka Ms. “K”.  

Who Am I? What are my beliefs? What are my goals? 

I am idealistic, imaginative, and passionate. I advocate for children and dearly want to give others space to be who they are. I believe there is something you can learn from everyone no matter how young or old, rich or poor, if you take the time to truly listen and build a relationship. 

My main goal in life has always been to have fun, explore, and experience life. At one time I traveled and moved a good bit with my career, which I truly enjoyed. But then during midlife, I decided to change gears; I wanted to go back to school for Art and I did. Not long after, I was asked to take over a Children’s Church Program.  This is where I found that I loved teaching children. I put the two together, “Children and Art” and have been teaching art ever since. 

This summer, I will be teaching gifted & talent Visual Art students at AcGateway Academy & spending time with my family. Hopefully, I will be able to get my son & daughter to help me get the Art Studio & the Artist/Blacksmith Shop back up & open. 

I enjoyed this past year working with students to overcome obstacles and teaching my Art 1 students in Ai. This fall I look forward to returning to teaching online full time with Aiken Innovate meeting my new teammates & virtual students.  

It will be my 12th year teaching in K-12 public schools in South Carolina and my 5th year working in Aiken County. I started out teaching middle school visual art. Then, moved to the high school level taking over for my former art teacher teaching AP College Board and advanced level visual arts class. Several years ago, I started teaching in Aiken at the Elementary Level. Foe the last two years, I taught digital art & study skills at Paul Knox Middle & Ai- Art last year.  




Aiken Innovate Virtual School – Art teacher 

ACPSD - AcGateway Summer Program Instructor