The school day begins at 7:45 am, and is dismissed at 2:45 p.m. A student arriving after 7:45 am is considered to be tardy and must be signed in at the main office by an adult where the tardy will be documented. Please do not drop your child off at the front entrance – you must park in the parking spaces and walk into the office. School doors will open at 7:15 a.m. each school day. Students should not arrive earlier than 7:15 a.m. or remain on the campus later than 2:50 p.m. unless they are participating in a school-sponsored, supervised activity. Only students who are on a school team or school sponsored activity are allowed to remain after school with the coach or teacher supervising. Family members, siblings, friends, etc. are not allowed to attend practice sessions. Supervision is not provided for students who arrive before 7:15 a.m. or remain later than 2:50 p.m. These procedures are designed for the safety and well being of your child.

    Morning car riders enter the building through the gym entrance each morning that is located on Ridge Hill Drive. Please do not drop off children at the main entrance of the school building. Walkers must remain on sidewalks and may only cross the road at crosswalks. Faculty and staff are stationed throughout the school to ensure that your child reaches his/her room in a timely and safe manner.

     A signed and dated note must be sent to school with the student if a change is made on how he/she is to get home from school. Changes in transportation will not be accepted via telephone calls. This is to ensure the safety of all children.

    All students are dismissed in an orderly manner with a teacher and supervised until boarding. Bus riders will be escorted to the bus lot located off of Ridge Hill Drive by teachers. Car riders will wait in the car line area that is located in the semi-circle drive off of Hazzard Circle in front of the school. Walkers will be dismissed after the bus and car riders have left the school grounds, and must remain on sidewalks.

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