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  • With the Covid, I am trying to determine the best solution for limiting the sharing of supplies. I will have some supplies that I will give the students a set of to offset the parent expense of having to purchase them. But, I am limited as the $10 fee only covers so much, I a need this to purpose the papers and canvas'. I am asking that each student provide the following for their PERSONAL USE- NO SHARING!!

    * Personal size hand sanitizer

    * Large Pencil Box

    * Gallon Size Ziploc

    * Large Folder to keep Art Papers in to avoid folding

    * Paint brushes( That work with all Paints(Arcylic-Watercolor)

    * Pencils#2

    * Erasers

    * Scissors

    * Ruler

    * Hand-Held Pencil Sharpener

    * Watercolor Set (Crayola is fine) 

    * Sprial Notebook 

    * 8x11(at least- no smaller) Sketchbook (mandatory)

    * Pin Drive( if you do not have internet access)

    Make sure you put your name(permanently) on everything. 

    Your student will also be issued a textbook, ARTTALK. I will also provide an online link to the text and a download so that it is available at home and school. 


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  • Classes begin on Monday, August 19. Students will have 10 school days to make schedule changes to enroll in a Art Class. This year, we are offering Art 1. This is the entry level for all art students. Art 2 is best suited for the second year art student. Art 3- is reserved for those students whom are completing their third year of art. Art 4 is reserved for those students whom are completing their fourth year of art. Teacher approval is required for levels 3 and 4. All the above listed courses are hands-on with the students creating artwork.


    Look for and  JOIN the NEW Art Facebook page: Wagener-Salley High School Art


    Assignments can be found on schoology for distance learning. 






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