Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Michalene Langford

  The end of the school year is here and I know everyone, including myself, is looking forward to enjoying a nice relaxing Summer Break! I plan to spend time taking day trips to the beach, and relaxing  out with family and friends. I have a new extended family member, a 5 month old named Holly who I hope to spend some time with at the splash park this summer. Its been a difficult year for us all but we made through! Congratulate yourself, and enjoy some well earned downtime. 

   In August I look forward to returning to Warrenville Elementary for my 8th year of teaching Special Education here. This past year I have taught Ai, and, while it has given me the best opportunity to meet new students and parents throughout Aiken County,  I will miss those students deeply,  but I also  look forward to teaching in a classroom with face to face students again. 

I will still be checking my email over the Summer, so if you have any question feel free to send me an email: 

The school office will be open Mon-Thur this Summer and the number is 803-663-4270