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Degrees and Certifications:

BA Elementary Education 2008 MS.Ed. Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment 2018 Ed.S. Educational Administration 2021

Ms. Kishni Neville

Hi! I'm Ms. K. Neville and I'm entering my 14th year in education and my fourth year at LBC Middle School!  This year I have the unique opportunity to teach 6th grade science, math, anf math advanced! 

In the 6th Grade Science classroom you'll observe an environment that works to facilitate the physics of energy and work, the science behind Earth's Atmosphere & Weather, as well as the biology behind Earth's plants and animals!

In the 6th Grade Science Math classroom. the student will be introduced to various methods of understanding fractions, decimals, percents, as well as positive and negative integers!  

In the 6th Grade Math Advanced classroom, the student's learning will be extended beyond the 6th grade math curriculum and apply this learning to key portions of the 7th grade math curriculum.


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Phone Number: (803) 593-7260 (best time to contact daily from 2:11-3:11 pm)

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