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Ms. Mabry MacGregor

Hi!  When we study or make art, we are given the opportunity to share ideas and messages about the world and time in which we live.  Art allows us to communicate without words.  It is a form of visual communication.  An artwork can give us a window into history.  An artwork can tell a story without speaking.  Some artwork requires math.  Some artwork requires science.  When we study art, we also have the opportunity to study these other subjects in brand new ways.  When we study art, we are not required to like every artwork.  When we study art, we are required to respectfully consider the artwork and the artist who made it.  In this way, studying art also helps us to understand each other.  

We are looking forward to creating and learning this year in the art studio!
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Contact Me
803-641-2500  (Reach me via phone: 8:30-9:30am Monday-Friday)

My Education Background
- Bachelors of Art: USC Aiken
- Masters of Art in Teaching: Lander University

Director of acGATEWAY Summer Fine Arts Program
Aiken County's Gifted & Talented Education with Artistic Youth